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We look 2, 5, and 10 years ahead to keep our members safe and thriving.

Some policy areas matter more than others to help us face upcoming challenges.
We are passionate about policy areas related to human security, mobility, the ability to make adjustments to the built environment, access to information, and freedom.

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Policies requested during Summanity Events or coming up in our research:

International agreements in support of e-services in the area of medical support for chronic ailments
Instruments to ensure the cleansing and updating of outdated or excessive regulation
Mechanisms to ensure data exchange and data access in areas of societal duress
Authenticity, truth verification, and metaverse conflict management
Migration and travel management
Decentralized currency support and inflation management

Our services
For more information about our services
you can reach us at +31 650425255
Agency for policy contributors
We develop a curated and diverse network of policy shapers and offer them a collective platform for policy creation and distribution. We distribute selected policies to policy users and areas in need of solutions.
We assess the quality, creativity, timeliness, and value of policy texts. We score and improve them.
Curating and convening
Many stakeholders struggle to find common ground. We bring them together and create and identify innovative policy partnerships that can withstand their frictions..
Payments and prices
Payments for policy contributors
The value of policies depend on interest in their subject matter, their potential impact, and the contributors' creativity, diligence, and subject expertise. The standard contributed policy remuneration is 30 € per policy presentation made by Foresight-Policies where this policy is presented. Contributors are only entitled to remuneration after the presentation has been made.
Policy assessment
The cost of an assessment is € 60 per page for English, Spanish, French, German, and Dutch languages, It is currently € 90 per page for other languages.
Prices for policy users
Policy users can purchase access to two workshops. One workshop defining needs and one workshop including the presentation of several policy options. Attending these workshops costs € 1800.
Our targets in numbers
Number of policy suggestion contributions by 2025
Number of policy integrations by 2025
The number of policy beneficiaries by 2025
How it works
You choose the type of policy area you want advice on or send us the policy description using the application form below.
Our manager analyzes your case, and contacts you to discuss the details.
We set the time for the workshops or send you a policy contribution offer.
You have a better sense of policy options or become part of our policy contributor or policy user network
Send us your policy description or policy area of interest
Our manager will contact you for further details.